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Kellys London Suburban Directory - Northern Districts (1902)

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A fabulous and *incredibly* rare directory. Most larger suburbs contain a street by street directory which lists virtually every head of household by name, along with their trade. There are even people listed with an occupation such as 'clerk', 'householder' or 'jobbing gardener' so these are ordinary people in their homes, not just tradesmen at their place of work. Smaller suburbs have no street directory but instead include a list of private residents, which often runs to several pages, plus a Commercial Directory of tradesmen. Also included is an Alphabetical Directory which lists people and their addresses, plus a separate Court Directory which also contains names and addresses. You have to get sneaky here and look for your ancestors in both the Alphabetical *and* Court sections as they will usually be in one or the other but very rarely both! The final section is a classified Trades Directory which lists types of occupation, who performed those trades and where. The area covered is quite easy to determine as the dividing line between the Northern and Southern Suburbs is a natural one which has changed very little over the years...... the river Thames.

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