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CR 120 Churchwardens Presentments 1662 Vol 1

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CR 120 Churchwardens Presentments 1662 Vol 1 - Click for large image
45 parishes in area between Alderton, Hankerton, Lacock & Malmesbury, (including Chippenham)
The Churchwardens Presentments 1662 offer a unique insight into problems after the Restoration. A4, 24 pages.
These are answers to a questionnaire sent to each parish prior to the Bishop's Visitation, when churchwardens or other parishioners were required to cover a wide range of business, and they are an important source for both local and family historians. They show the effect of the civil war on the fabric and ornaments of the church and the lives of ordinary people. However, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the presentments lies in the evidence of nonconformity, and here may be clues to explain the limitations of parish registers.
The transcriptions are published in four volumes covering 208 parishes and listing 2023 names.
Volume 1: Alderton, Ashley, Box, Brinkworth, Castle Combe, Charlton, Chippenham, Christian Malford, Cleverton, Colerne, Corsham, Crudwell, Dauntsey, Ditteridge, Draycott Cerne, Easton Grey, Foxley, Garsdon, Great Somerford, Grittleton, Hankerton, Hardenhuish, Hullavington, Kemble (now Glos), Kington St Michael, Lacock, Langley Burrell, Lea & Cleverton, Little Somerford, Littleton Drew, Luckington, Malmesbury, Minety, Nettleton, North Wraxall, Norton, Oaksey, Poole Keynes (now Glos), Sherston Magna, Slaughterford, Sopworth, Stanton St Quinton, Sutton Benger, West Kington, Yatton Keynell.

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