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The Book of Trades Vol 2 (1811)

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The Book of Trades Vol 2 (1811) - Click for large image
Paviour, turner, brush maker, taylor, shoemaker, trunkmaker, wheelwright, iron founder, copperplate printer, painter, engraver, statuary, brewer, cutler, merchant, brick maker, rope maker, weaver, stocking weaver, carpet weaver, ladies dress maker, pin maker, needle maker, wire drawer, paper-maker, printer, bookbinder, calico printer, tinplate worker, brazier, button maker, cabinet maker, sadler, glass blower, cork cutter, watchmaker.. A5 63p

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The download is a scan of the publication. It is a pdf file, A5 format which can be printed. Best results would be if your printer can print booklets.

Supplied by: Wiltshire Family History Society
Format: Book
Ref: WIL-B065

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