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Family Historian Version 6 Upgrade (from version 5 only)

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Deluxe genealogy software written by a leading UK software designer for the UK market. A new concept in genealogy programs that allows you to enter your family by drawing a tree. Full support is given for sources, notes, facts and linked multimedia elements. For researchers it provides support for Queries and Reports.

What's New in Version 6?

The new Map Window
Family Historian 6 will have a new workspace window called the Map Window. You can use it to map the locations of all the places and events in your projects. You can even view family movements over time, using the Time Slider. You can choose any combination of people and events, and filter on event types – and use the same or different markers. Click on a marker to view all the events that occurred there in a popup window. This means that you can show all your ancestors’ birth places marked in red, and all your spouse’s ancestors’ birth places marked in green, for example. Moving around the map, and zooming in or out to see more or less detail, is easy and fun. And you have a choice of two different map styles.
Up to now, if you wanted to record that two people got married, you would create a marriage event for the two people. But there was no way to record all the other people who may have participated in the same event – such as the bridesmaids, the best man, the ministers and the guests. These are all what we call ‘witnesses’. Now in version 6, you can record as many witnesses as you like for any fact or event. The program comes with many standard roles for these witnesses (such as ‘bridesmaid’, ‘best man’ and so on), but you can create as many new roles as you like, and each role can have as many people as you like. You can use this capability in many ways. For example, you could use it to record the fact that a group of people all lived together, if you wanted to. The practical effect is to provide richer and more fleshed-out reports, and a richer experience when browsing, because witness details can be accessed when viewing an event from the point-of-view of any of the participants.
Calico Pie will be announcing more new features shortly...

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: SNG-6367

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