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City of London Settlement Examination - Vol 1 - St. Botolph Aldgate 1742-1868

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Abstracted and indexed by Cliff Webb, who writes in the introduction; "St. Botolph Aldgate is a large but poor parish with a highly transient population. There are only a few Huguenots in the records but quite a few Jewish people, Irish, Scots and other early immigrants. For civil purposes St. Botolph was divided into two parts, each with seperate civil jurisdiction. The two parts were St. Botolph Aldgate, Middlesex (Without) and St. Botolph Aldgate, London (Within), the latter being the portion of the parish within the old City walls. The records herein pertain to both parts of St. Botolph Aldgate". (4662 Records - 11672 names).

Supplied by: West Surrey Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: WSY-CD14

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