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Rotherham Area Methodist Baptisms

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Eastwood 1870 to 1917
Kimberworth Wesleyan 1848 to 1904
Maltby Primitive, Rotherham Rd 1822 to 1917
Maltby Wesleyan, Blythe Rd 1907 to 1917
Rotherham Methodist Circuit Talbot Lane 1811 to 1917
Sunnyside Primitive 1931 to 1917
Upper Haugh Wesleyan 1847 to 1917
Whinney Hill Primitive 1906 to 1917
Whinney Hill Wesleyan 1907 to 1917

Alma Road School Admissions
Alma Rd Boys 1896-1912 Alma Rd Girls 1896-1912

The Hollis School, Rotherham
Admissions Registers: Boys 1874 to 1895 Girls 1874 to 1884

Civil Defence Registers 1941

The information in this file(s) was originally compiled by Rotherham Family

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