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Space is a Funny Place by Colin Pillinger

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Space is a Funny Place by Colin Pillinger - Click for large image
Fifty years (and more) of space exploration seen through the eyes of cartoonists.

The idea of Space is a Funny Place was born out of Mars in their Eyes, an exhibition at The Cartoon Museum, telling the story of Mars exploration past, present and future as seen by cartoonists. It turned out that funny things had been said, written and thought about space for centuries. Space exploration turned out to be a fertile breeding ground for apocryphal stories that are amusing and offer a way in to a more serious subject.

One of the hardest jobs when engaging the public in science is overcoming the image of the scientist – someone who often talks in a language peppered with jargon and mathematical symbols and when challenged to explain something to a non scientist often gives a condescending answer to imply “you would not understand, trust me.” So the overarching aim of the book was to kill off the stereo-typical boffin who inhabits an ivory tower, by showing that scientists are human too and enjoy a laugh and a joke even if it is at their own expense.

First published in 2007, this hardback book is from a limited edition of 2000 copies and published in conjunction with the Cartoon Museum, London. 210 pages

Supplied by: Bristol and Avon Family History Society
Format: Book
Ref: BST- L48

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