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Morley Local History Society Year Book No. 03 (1969-1970)

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Morley Local History Society Year Book No. 03 (1969-1970) - Click for large image
Genfair release: April 2019
First edition published: 1970.

The Morley Local History Society Year Book series of scholarly articles covers the history of Morley, and its environs. Also other historically related articles from further afield. The material has been thoroughly revised, updated, with new illustrations, redrawn line drawings, and maps added.

Local excursion:
Annual excursion;;
Julius Caesar Ibbetson, R.A. (1759-1817);
A Brief History of English Taxes to 1799;
My Changing Town;
A Holiday Project: “Pre-Historic Holiday in Carnac ”.
Miscellaneous Information: Churwell.

Also sections regarding the AGM minutes, with a list of Officers and committee members of the society.

Robert Dennis;
F. E. Horsnail;
Margaret Watford;
Stan Williams.

A5 Spiral bound.
Laminate covers.
66 pages.
B&W and Colour photographs.
Line drawings.

Supplied by: Morley Community Archives
Format: Booklet
Ref: MCA--mlhs-yb03

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