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Morley Local History Society Year Book No. 02 (1968-1969)

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Morley Local History Society Year Book No. 02 (1968-1969) - Click for large image
Genfair release: April 2019
First edition published: 1969.

Volume two in the Morley Local History Society Year Book series of scholarly articles covers the history of Morley, and its environs. Also other historically related articles from further afield. The material has been thoroughly revised, updated, with new illustrations, redrawn line drawings, and maps added.

'Finds' in the Morley area: a Stone Lion;
The Society of Friends in Gildersome;
A Link with America;
'Finds' in the Morley area: Axe Heads;
Mediaeval Iron workings in Stamford;
Steam Power at Crank Mill;
John Nelson (1707-1744);
The Newcomen Engine;
The Grandfather Clock;
Three Letters from America;
A Holiday Project - Tain a small town in Easter Ross-shire;
Removal of Tingley Burial Ground Gravestones;
The Local History Society and the Public Library;
The Society Library.

Also sections regarding the Annual dinner, exhibitions, and the AGM minutes.

David K. Atkinson;
Donald Burrill;
Harold Dean;
Doris Patterson;
Dr. Ralph V. Riley;
George L. Snelson;
Dr. James McC. H. Steven.

A5 Spiral bound.
Laminate covers.
82 pages.
B&W and Colour photographs.
Line drawings.

Supplied by: Morley Community Archives
Format: Booklet
Ref: MCA--mlhs-yb02

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