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Folding Wooden Stand Magnifier

£ 17.95
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This marvellous wooden hands-free stand magnifier is perfect for those who want to view an entire page in books, newspapers, magazines, instruction guides and manuals. It features a large, rectangular-shaped fresnel magnifying lens set inside a handsome wooden frame, with short, collapsible legs to make it easy to store when not in use. The lens measures 240 x 160mm (9 ½ x 6 ½ inches) so you can view large areas very comfortably. With a clearance of about 4 inches just below the lens it can also be a handy aid for many craft or inspection activities, especially where both hands need to be kept free. Magnification strength: 2x (so it doubles the size of text, objects, photos).

*Hands-free stand magnifier with folding legs
*Sturdy natural wood finish
*Legs fold into body for space-saving storage
*Large shatterproof fresnel magnifying lens 240 x 160mm/11"x 9" approx
*Around 2x magnification
*Working distance from lens to subject: approximately 110mm/2½"-3½"
*Place directly on top of a magazine, book or newspaper to enlarge the print
*Weight: 258g/9 ounces approx
*Footprint: requires a 300 x 167mm footprint when in use
*Size (folded): 270 x 195 x 37mm
*Helpful low vision aid which can reduce eyestrain
*For hands-free reading, handcraft, electronic repair, viewing photos and family trees

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies
Ref: SNG-6712

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