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Clergy Of Connor - From Patrician Times to The Present Day

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This publication provides full biographical information on the 2,500 clergy who have served in the diocese of Connor, Co. Antrim from Patrician times to 1993. The work will provide vital information for students of ecclesiastical history, writers of parish histories and of course genealogists. The main work for this publication was undertaken by the late Canon James Blennerhassett Leslie who was rector of Kilsaran, Co. Louth 1899-1951 and Chancellor of the diocese of Armagh 1934-1943. As a young man he conceived the plan of compiling succession lists for all the diocese of Ierland and he had almost completed the task by the time of his death in 1953. Unfortunately he was only able to publish the lists for nine of the dioceses during his lifetime. He expressed the hope that the remaining dioceses would publish the lists that he so laboriously compiled (in manuscript and typescript form) but no-one took the initiative for many years. In 1984 however the Library Committee of the Diocese of Down, Connor and Dromore decided to undertake not merely the publication of Leslie\'s list for the diocese of Connor but also a through revision and updating of his text. Canon Leslie\'s published Succession List for the Archdiocese of Armagh etc have long been out of print and attract high prices in the catalogues of antiquarian booksellers.

Supplied by: Ulster Historical Foundation
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Ref: UHF-GE02

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