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Family History Record Sheet Pack: 21 Master Sheets with CD-ROM

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Family History Record Sheet Pack: 21 Master Sheets with CD-ROM - Click for large image
21 pages. ISBN 978-1-906280-32-1
It is generally recognised to be more efficient and easier to record research on to standard forms rather than a blank sheet of paper, ensuring all data is captured. The family History Partnership has put together a collection of 21 A4 master research record forms including the common research subjects. Also included in the pack is a CD containing all the 21 record sheets allowing the purchaser to print off further copies at will for his or her research.

List of contents:

Form 1: Index to General Register Office (GRO) ? BIRTHS

Form 2: Index to GRO ? MARRIAGES

Form 3: Index to GRO ? DEATHS

Form 4: GRO FreeBMD Search List (1837-2018)

Form 5: Parish Register Search - BAPTISMS

Form 6: Parish Register Search ? MARRIAGES before 1837

Form 6a: Parish Register/GRO/Register Office Search ? Marriages after 1st July 1837

Form 7: Parish Register Search ? BURIALS

Forms 8 to 15: Census Searches 1841 to 1911

Form 16: IGI/Family Search Check Sheet

Form 17: Monumental Inscription Search

Form 18: Search for Wills

Form 19: Family Group Sheet

Form 20: Pedigree Sheet

Form 21: Individual Record Sheet

Supplied by: Family History Partnership
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: FHP-189

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