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My Ancestor was a Woman at War

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My Ancestor was a Woman at War - Click for large image
By Emma Jolly; 312 pages; ISBN 978-1-907199-18-9.
Women often did more in wars than is popularly assumed. This book is intended to explore women's roles in the past and even if your ancestor did not serve officially, there were other areas in which she may have worked. During war, women worked in the roles left by men who had entered the armed forces; these roles include working in mines, on farms, in factories, in transport, in civil defence and at home, These women made an invaluable contribution to the war effort.

This book seeks to highlight the connections across women's war work, through time and between different areas of service. Some women may have served in different organisations in one war, for example, or have served in both world wars. Researching female ancestors at war requires a different approach from that of standard military history research; flexibility and dedication. This guide will help.

Supplied by: Family History Partnership
Format: Book
Ref: FHP-233

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