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Methodist Records for Family Historians

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Methodist Records for Family Historians - Click for large image
by Richard Ratcliffe. 32 pages. ISBN 978-1-906280-44-4.
The Methodist movement was founded at Oxford University in November 1729 by a small group of students which included John Wesley and his brother Charles. This book describes the founding of the Methodist movement from 1739-1791, and developments, splits and divisions between 1791 and 1932 when the three main groups united to form the Methodist Church of today.

This book explains how Methodism is organized, and where to find the baptismal, marriage and burial records as well as the many other records of an individual Methodist Chapel, and of a Methodist Circuit. In addition the book covers other useful sources of Methodist heritage and archives and where to look for Methodist records in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It also refers to the records of Methodist schools and colleges of higher education.

There is a useful list of important printed sources, a select bibliography and a Methodist Calendar.