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Buckinghamshire - Provisional Cavalry 1797

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The Provisional Cavalry Act was passed in 1796. It required every person who owned ten or more horses to provide one fully equiped horseman for service in the Provisional Cavalry. Those who owned fewer than ten horses were grouped together to form "classes", each containing ten horses, and required also to provide one horseman. This book contains transcriptions of a number of documents relating to the Buckinghamshire Provisional Cavalry raised in 1797. These include a Muster Roll for the entire county including the name of the Volunteer (or rider) and their places of abode, the owners of the horses and their places of abode, the Subdivision for which they serve and to what Troop they are attached. Also included are separate lists prepared for the Three Hundreds of Ashendon, the Three Hundreds of Aylesbury and the Three Hundreds of Buckingham each giving the names of the persons charged, their residence, the number of horses kept (or amount assessed) and some notes regarding eligibility.

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